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“How to use Selenium with Cucumber”

In this Edu series we talk about how we can integrate the popular  open source test automation tool Selenium with a very popular BDD tool  Cucumber using Java as a programming language.


Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

“All about Selenium IDE”

If you are a manual tester, who wishes to learn Selenium, the IDE  components is the best option. In this webinar tutorial we talk all what  is their to learn about Selenium IDE in 100 mins. Have a look


Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

“Selenium With Maven”

We need to integrate Selenium with Maven when are in a phase to  create test automation framework. Selenium inherently doesn’t come with  any feature other than providing us with methods to automate the browser  to maintain, create, manage, share a test automation framework. So to  support the full life cycle of the project we require maven to be  integrated with Selenium. So in this educational webinar series we will  learn how we can do this.


Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

“Selenium 3.0”

Selenium 3.0 is the latest version of the open source tool  selenium available. This webinar demystifies the concept of the gecko  driver and how to automate firefox browser with selenium 3.0 hoping to  remove hindrances if any for a seamless test automation experience.


Speaker: Pallavi Sharma


In this webinar series, we discuss what is a test automation framework. Why we need framework on Selenium, which a popular open source test automation tool. We discuss about the different types of framework available to us on selenium which can be built from scratch or are commercially available.


Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

“Page object model and Selenium”

Selenium is a popular open source tool for web automation. It doesn’t inherently comes with a feature to manage objects. During testing of an application as the GUI changes, it is possible for the object information to undergo change. If our scripts are tightly coupled with object information, it will have a high impact. So in this webinar we learn how to manage it with learning the concept of page object model.


Speaker: Pallavi Sharma

“Behave with Selenium”

In this webinar we discussed about the behaviour driven development, tool Behave which uses python as a programming language. We had an overview of Gherkin language, and saw implementation of the project to automate a web application using the tool Selenium. 

Speaker: Pallavi

“ChroPath 4.0 ”

ChroPath is a tool which allows one to select an element and view the relative, absolute xpath and also generates a css locator.As an automation tester working on Selenium, we may find the task to get locators difficult and time consuming. So to avoid this, we can use this tool, which is freely available,

It supports both firefox and chrome browsers. More details can be found here - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chropath/ljngjbnaijcbncmcnjfhigebomdlkcjo?hl=en

Its created by Sanjay Kumar https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjay-kumar-445a9658/ 


Speaker: Sanjay Kumar

“Setting Selenium Grid and Executing Testing using Python”

Selenium grid is a component of selenium which allows us to run our tests in parallel on different browsers and machines. In this webinar, we will learn about the concept of selenium grid, and we will implement the grid on our local system. The programming language used will be python.

Speaker: Pallavi


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