Cucumber with Ruby

Long gone are the days of writing tedious, cumbersome testcases. With the introduction of BDD Cucumber, all the teams in the different stages of product development can now collaborate together on this common platform. In this course we will learn about how to start writing and designing feature files using the Gherkin DSL.

Ruby is known as a tester's language. It is one of the most sought after programming language, and the language in which the famous Cucumber tool for BDD is developed. Learning Ruby is fun. 

Course Duration(Online) : 3 Weeks

 About Trainer:  Pallavi, has an experience of 12 years in working in the field of software testing, specially dealing with making frameworks and customized solutions for both functional and non functional testing using open source technologies. She also hold two provisional patent for her work on tool agnostic test automation platform. She is a guest writer and speaker at many test automation organizations and forums. She has been imparting training, consultation on Selenium, Cucumber, Appium and other technologies for past 6 years now. To find out more about here, visit her linked in profile 

Course Outline: 

Week 1: Introduction to Ruby

  • Ruby Introduction
  • Installing Ruby
  • Installing Devkit
  • Ruby Editor
  • Ruby – IRB
  • Programming basic concepts
  • Ruby Data Types
  • Ruby Variables
  • Ruby Operators
  • Control Structures
  • Loop Structures While and For
  • Strings
  • Array
  • Hashes

Week 2: Ruby Advanced Topics

  • Methods
  • Blocks
  • Proc and Lambda
  • Ranges
  • Iterator
  • Regular Expressions
  • Files and IO
  • Exception Handling
  • Understanding OOPS
  • Classes
  • Modules
  • Mixins
  • Best Practices in Programming

Week 3: Introduction to BDD and Cucumber

  • What is BDD
  • Why Cucumber?
  • Cucumber installation
  • Cucumber framework flow
  • Introduction to Cucumber Gherkin
  • Gherkin Keywords
    • scenario
    • Feature
    • given
    • When
    • Then
    • Tagging
    • Background
  • Revisit Regular Expression
  • Feature File for a sample scenario
  • Creation of Step Definition File
  • Execution
  • Results and Reports

Testing A Web Application using Ruby, Cucumber and Selenium

  • Introduction to Real Time Project
  • Creation of feature file
  • Creation of Step Definition File
  • Execution
  • Result and Report
  • Concept of hooks and tags 

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