Behave With Python

Python as a language has gained a significant popularity in recent times. It is now widely used with technolgies for automation and other activities. Behave is the BDD for python. It is an indispensable skill to learn if you are planning to make your career in testing using python as a language. 

Course Duration(Online) : 3 Weeks

About Trainer:  Pallavi, has an experience of 12 years in working in the field of software testing, specially dealing with making frameworks and customized solutions for both functional and non functional testing using open source technologies. She also hold two provisional patent for her work on tool agnostic test automation platform. She is a guest writer and speaker at many test automation organizations and forums. Visit her linked in profile.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction Python

  • Introduction to Programming
  • What is Python
  • Features of Python Language
  • Data types in Python
  • Operators in Python
  • Conditional and Looping Statement in Python

Week 2: Advance Python

  • Arrays, Hashes
  • Files and Regular Expression
  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts- Classes, Packages, Interfaces, Inheritance etc
  • Exception Handling

 Week 3: Behave

  • Installing and setting Behave on System
  • Introduction to BDD concepts
  • Learning Gherkin
  • Creating first behave project and working on a Calculator Application
  • Integrating behave with selenium for web application testing
  • Understanding the concept of Hooks and Reporting

Interview Preparation [Individual candidate will be allotted 1 hr for this]


Benefits of Enrolling with 5 Elements Learning

  1. Hands on course, with a lot of practical examples.
  2. Live Web application to test
  3. Long term support for course, and access to video and other materials
  4. Competitive pricing and high quality of training imparted
  5. Get updated on latest technology and trends free of cost, through our educational web series conducted every month.

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