Appium with Java

Appium with Java is one of the most sought after skill set required in the market of mobile application testing. The popularity of Appium is because of its rich feature set to test all kinds of mobile apps whether native, hybrid or web. It also supports testing of apps on both android and ios devices. Based on the concepts of Selenium, it is as popular as its parent tool.

Course Duration(Online) : 5 Weeks

 About Trainer:  Pallavi, has an experience of 12 years in working in the field of software testing, specially dealing with making frameworks and customized solutions for both functional and non functional testing using open source technologies. She also hold two provisional patent for her work on tool agnostic test automation platform. She is a guest writer and speaker at many test automation organizations and forums. She has been imparting training, consultation on Selenium, Cucumber, Appium and other technologies for past 6 years now. To find out more about here, visit her linked in profile

Course Outline:

Week 1:Introduction to Mobile application Testing and Java

o    Introduction to Mobile application testing

o    Introduction to the mobile app types

o    Concepts of Simulator, Emulator and real devices

o    Introduction to Programming

o    What is Java

o    Features of Java Programming Language

o    Data types in Java

o    Operators in Java

o    Conditional and Looping Statement in Java


Week 2: Advance Java

o    Arrays, Hashes

o    Files and Regular Expression

o    Object Oriented Programming Concepts- Classes, Packages, Interfaces, Inheritance etc

o    Exception Handling


 Week 3: Introduction to Appium

o    What is Appium

o    Installing and setting Appium on Windows

o    Appium Architecture for Android

o    The selenium JSON wire protocol

o    Concept of Desired capabilities for Android

o    Appium Server and client libraries.

o    Creating Android emulator

o    Setting eclipse Java project

o    Appium GUI

o    Concept of Locators

o    Android locators for Web apps,

o    Android locators for native and hybrid.


Week 4: Working with Appium

o    Concept of desired capabilities for web, hybrid and native app

o    Native app example and automating it with Appium on emulator and real device

o    Web app example and automating it with Appium on emulator and real device

o    Hybrid app example and automating it with Appium on emulator and real device.


Week 5: Appium and Advance user interactions

o    How to automate advance user interactions

o    Long press, scroll, swipe, drag and drop, pinch and zoom

o    Handle alerts, switch and spinners, slide bar.

o    Capturing screenshots.

o    Introduction to Testng

o    Concept of maven for Appium

o    Resume building and interview preparation


Benefits of Enrolling with 5 Elements Learning

1.     Hands on course, with a lot of practical examples.

2.     Live demo apps available for testing

3.     Long term support for course, and access to video and other materials

4.     Competitive pricing and high quality of training imparted

5.     Get updated on latest technology and trends free of cost, through our educational web series conducted every month.


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