Soa Testing Simplified Series 4

Soa Testing Simplified Series 4

In the last series we saw what are the various challenges which a tool should overcome to test a SOA based application. We saw a list of commercial and open source tools which can assist us in testing our web services.

From this series we will take each tool one by one and understand what all it has to offer us. The first solution to web service testing we will consider is the one provided by Rational. Rational offers the following solutions:

  1. Rational Tester for SOA Quality
  2. Rational Performance Tester Extension for SOA Quality.

Following are the list of features which they offer:


  • Both built on Rational Performance Tester technology
  • Support for Web Services standards UDDI, WSDL, SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, WS-Security
  • Integrated with Rational Test Management tools (Test Manager with ClearQuest)
  • Monitoring tools (Tivoli) can be easily integrated with it.


The best part of this tool is for both functional and performance testing of the web service we can use the same interface of Rational Performance Tester. As shown in the figure below:


[Fig- 1a]


Following are the various advantages of Rational SOA Tester:


  • Simplify testing of GUI-less service
    • Automated generation of web service test client
    • No programming knowledge necessary to create, comprehend, modify, and execute a functional or performance test
    • Automated data correlation and data driven testing through a code-free test environment
  • Simplify service integration testing
    • Automated test creation from Web Sphere Business Process Execution Language resources
  • Create, comprehend, modify, and execute a functional or performance test
    • Graphical test editor enables both high-level and deeper detail views
    • Support Web services standards (e.g. SOAP,HTTP(S), WS-Security, UDDI)


How to Get Rational SOA Tester:

You need to have Rational Performance Tester 7.01 installed on your system. Once you have that you can download the SOA Tester as an extension over RPT. The link for the same is as follows:

A simple tutorial explaining how you use the SOA tester will be the topic of our next blog series. Till then hopefully you have acquired the tool.





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